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Similar to how Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and doorways, protected the gates of the empire, we are safeguarding your investment.

Janus serves as a reminder for us to look in both directions for versatility in meeting your evolving life needs, while maintaining your core values of quality and comfort. We have created a robust living space through Janus, which provides both shared and private areas. Two separate homes, one with two bedrooms and the other with three, are combined into one property, allowing you to enjoy your space while generating passive income next door or accommodating your guests. Either home can easily be converted into a lock-off owner's property, waiting for your visits to the Mexican Caribbean. If you decide to invest, you can enjoy the property while it pays for itself, making Janus the perfect side hustle.

These duplex homes cater to all needs, with a ground floor master suite available in the three-bedroom home, and each bedroom having an en-suite bathroom. Janus is a place to relax and recharge, with each home featuring a private pool in the garden, a private roof terrace, and parking. The homes are fully equipped for long-term living, with laundry, storage, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, parking, and easy access to the garden through a side entrance for garden and pool maintenance.

Janus always presents two options, giving you the choice of two color palettes for the interior of your home. The Carbon Activado color scheme pairs sleek dark hues with the jungle landscaping for a dramatic spa resort feeling, while the Arena Amena color scheme features airy neutrals that bounce light off all the walls and floors, bringing sunshine into the home where light and shadows play.

If you can't decide between the two, why not choose one of each? The choice is yours. Janus Homes are perfect for purchase as a Duplex and are also available for individual sale as a townhome setup. Janus homes include:

  • All kitchen appliances (electric stove, oven, extractor

  • Washer and dryer

  • Solar Panels

  • Custom aluminum window and door framing with

  • Tempered glass in showers

  • LED lighting throughout

  • Porcelanic tiles

  • Pergola

  • Commitment to quality in finishes and construction

  • Private parking

  • Private pool for every home

  • Private roof deck

  • Tropical landscaping

  • 2 and 3 bedroom mastersuites

  • Ground floor mastersuite

Janus is situated in a tranquil jungle setting, just a few blocks away from Tulum Ave, Kukulkan Ave leading to the beach, Florafauna community, and Palma Central outdoor dining. Janus benefits from all the necessary infrastructure for comfortable home ownership, including water, sewer, electricity, and fiber optic internet connections. The surrounding neighborhood primarily consists of single-family homes and provides a responsible and peaceful community environment for an international group of Tulum residents. As a resident or visitor of Janus, you can enjoy bird watching, nature walks, strolls to nearby restaurants, and friendly interactions with locals.

To learn more about current availability please contact Tulum Developments today.





2 - 5

2.5 - 6

565 m2 (6,081 sqft) or less


Tulum, Mexico




Cinco Beach Club Benefits include: Discounts,
Preferential Treatment, Free Valet Parking and Exclusive Events.



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