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At 101 Park, we strive to elevate luxury standards through conscious design, development, and technology. Our vision is to create a magnificent property that resonates with those who envision owning a truly exceptional space.

We believe in preserving the beauty of nature, which is why we ensure that trees along the perimeter of the property remain a minimum of 3 meters tall. This ensures that every balcony offers a picturesque view of the lush green scenery. Natural pathways, adorned with vibrant vegetation, effortlessly connect the entire 101 Park, allowing residents to enjoy peaceful and sunlit walks while accessing their residences and amenities. It's a place that encourages mindfulness and provides stunningly relaxing spaces.

The interior yard is inspired by the seven energy points known as chakras, carefully designed to promote a balanced flow within ourselves. These chakras, also known as consciousness centers, enable the harmonious flow of spirit energy through our bodies.

By setting intentions and directing our energies with purpose, we can enhance our energy flow and consequently cultivate positivity towards our health, spirit, and the people around us. At 101 Park, we have created a park-like environment that offers a transformative journey within oneself through its exceptional amenities.

In our pursuit of excellence, we seamlessly blend technology and nature. Our commitment to clean energy is exemplified by our integration of next-generation transport solutions and smart home technology.

Our Smart Flower is a photovoltaic system that mimics the movement of a flower, effectively harnessing solar energy and maximizing panel efficiency.

With high-quality solar panels, we generate energy that caters to the specific needs of our facilities, ensuring sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

Our Smarthome technology allows you to effortlessly control your smart devices. From requesting your favorite songs and TV shows to conducting internet searches and more, you can also remotely monitor appliances, security systems, lighting, and cooling, providing ultimate convenience even when you're away from home.

For Tesla and electric vehicle owners, we offer Tesla® Destination Charging, enabling you to recharge your vehicles with solar energy, contributing to a greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

As a testament to our commitment to innovation, we embrace the EHANG 216, an autonomous passenger-grade drone. This cutting-edge technology represents our drive to push boundaries and offer unforgettable experiences in the future.

We would like to note that plans, prices, and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Additional restrictions may apply. The developer reserves the right to modify any of the plans described here at their discretion, without notice. The images, descriptions, and amenities provided are conceptual representations by the artist and are based on the current building plans, which may undergo changes without notice. All dimensions are approximations, and both floor and construction plans are subject to modifications. The developer retains the right, without prior notice or the buyer's approval, to make changes or substitutions of equal or higher quality to any designs, materials, and equipment.

At 101 Park, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional living experience that combines conscious design, natural beauty, and cutting-edge technology. Phase 1 - SOLD OUT Phase 2 - ON SALE NOW





1 - 2

1 - 2

188 m2 (2,023 sqft) or less


Tulum, Mexico

Tulum 101

March 2025


Cenote, Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Garden, Gym, Lookout Tower, Commercial Area, Massage Room, Observation Deck, Playground Area, Pool, Spa, Sundeck.



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