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Live, Breathe, and Celebrate the Eclectic Vibes of Xanbel!

Welcome, dear readers, to a blog post that will transport you to a haven of eco-luxury. Sit back, relax, and let me introduce you to Xanbel, a delightful collection of fully furnished homes in the exclusive area of Selva Zama in the enchanting city of Tulum, Mexico.

Embrace Life, Unplugged

Living at Xanbel is akin to stepping into a utopia where nature and modern comforts effortlessly blend. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you can breathe in pure air, live on well-maintained roads, and enjoy top-tier amenities such as sophisticated sewage systems, water treatment facilities, and round-the-clock electricity. Here's the cherry on top - a picturesque beach just a leisurely bike ride away!

Education With A Green Heart

And for those of you with kids, Selva Zama is home to the Green School. This unique educational institution goes beyond academics and takes an ecological approach to learning. It not only attracts families from all across the globe but also sows the seeds of environmental responsibility in the minds of the young ones.

Slow Down And Savor The Moment

Xanbel is not just about where you live but how you live. The homes, tastefully decorated and stylish, encourage you to embrace a slower, more mindful life in harmony with nature. It's a place to cherish the tranquil rhythms and pristine beauty of your surroundings and enjoy a lifestyle where peace and tranquility are the themes of every day.

A Coveted Investment Destination

Tulum, the stunning backdrop of Xanbel, is a hotbed for investments, boasting low risk and consistent appreciation in property value. It's no wonder that people worldwide are flocking to make Tulum their sanctuary, enchanted by its rapid growth, stunning natural surroundings, and unsurpassed quality of life.

The Xanbel Property Specs

For those ready to make the plunge, let's talk details. Xanbel's homes are spacious, with three bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, and a size of 226 m2 or 2,434 sqft. The cherry on the cake? Xanbel is secured round-the-clock, ensuring your family's safety.

Put down a reservation for just USD 5,000 and expect delivery by October 2024. What awaits you? A paddle tennis court for sports enthusiasts, an organic orchard for nature lovers, a jungle gym, and a natural stone swimming pool for fitness enthusiasts. A delectable restaurant, playground, trampoline, pet park, and mini golf await the young ones.

So, if you're a family looking for a welcoming multicultural community and a sustainable lifestyle for your children, Xanbel in Tulum is your dream. Let it become your family's new sanctuary. Live, love, and grow in harmony with nature. Welcome to a world where every day feels like a vacation!

Step into Xanbel, step into a life less ordinary.

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