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Discover ITZA: Where Luxury Meets the Maya Spirit!

Greetings, fellow adventurers and luxury seekers! We have an exciting destination to add to your must-visit (or must-live?) list: ITZA, an exclusive, paradisiacal development nestled in the heart of Tulum, Mexico.

A Slice of Mayan Paradise

Deep within the vibrant and sought-after neighborhood of Aldea Zama, you'll discover Aldea Maya. In this sanctuary, the ancient wisdom of the Maya civilization intersects with modern luxury. This community is not just a place to live but a lifestyle experience that fully immerses you in the magic of Tulum.

Enchanting Outdoor Spaces

At ITZA, we prioritize your comfort and convenience, starting with the immediate environment. Our lush, beautifully landscaped gardens effortlessly flow into our ground-floor apartments' living rooms and bedrooms, connecting you with nature right from your doorstep.

Beyond your private spaces, you'll encounter a tranquil oasis of common areas interconnected by water. These public spaces have relaxing lounge areas, perfect for sunbathing or savoring a cocktail. There's also a swimming pool designed with serene spots for meditation, surrounded by lush trees and vibrant vegetation.

The adventurous at heart can take advantage of our beach beds, yoga area, and bike parking. At the same time, those seeking comfort will appreciate our convenient elevator access.

Immaculate Condo Designs

ITZA houses 18 luxury apartments, each offering a private pool for an elevated living experience. The condos come with lock-off units, providing the flexibility to maximize rental income if desired.

Our condo options cater to diverse tastes and preferences. The Garden units, with their unique swim-up or plunge pool, beckon those who love to unwind with a good book by the water. The Standard units have a relaxing plunge pool, and the Penthouse units are the epitome of luxury, boasting a private rooftop area with a pool.

Elegant Interiors & High-End Amenities

ITZA's condos feature hardwood closets and cabinets and elegant marble floors throughout. Air conditioning is delivered through mini splits, ensuring you remain calm even during Tulum's tropical summers.

Adding a unique touch to the condos are walls finished with Chukum, a traditional Mayan plastering technique. Meanwhile, foodies will love the kitchen, adorned with granite countertops and equipped with high-quality appliances like an electric oven, grill, and refrigerator.

Come, Experience ITZA!

The allure of ITZA lies not just in the luxury it offers but in the deeper connection it forms with the spirit of Tulum. Here, luxury meets nature; every detail is carefully designed to enhance your living experience. The essence of Aldea Maya is not to isolate but to immerse — to feel the jungle, the sun, and the lifestyle.

Don't just visit Tulum; live it, breathe it, and experience it at ITZA, where the modern luxuries meet the ancient spirit of the Mayas. Reservations are now open for November 2023 delivery.

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