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Discover AMÁN: A Pristine Sanctuary Imbued with Mayan Inspiration

There's a magic pulsating beneath the surface of Tulum, Mexico, where time holds its breath and nature intertwines with human ingenuity. Amid the lush greenery, where the air holds whispers of ancient Mayan civilization, emerges an architectural marvel: AMÁN.

A unique character in its own right, AMÁN aspires to be more than just another luxury property on the Tulum landscape. It's an ambitious architectural endeavor that promises to shine as a prominent landmark in the region, with a potent blend of awe-inspiring interior design and thoughtful, sustainable integration with the local environment.

Drawing deeply from the enchanting Mayan culture, each element within AMÁN is an homage to local wisdom, from utilizing local resources to incorporating regional aesthetics. AMÁN is a visual narrative, a space that captures the essence of its surroundings and refines it into an exquisite living experience.

A clutch of ten three-bedroom villas stands at the heart of this project, each a seamless blend of native inspiration and modern amenities. Every villa comes complete with a rooftop pool and pergola, creating a private oasis within an oasis and the perfect setting for the extraordinary lives of its inhabitants.

Housed within verdant jungle foliage and caressed by the Caribbean Sea's gentle waves, the villas at AMÁN are paradigms of sustainable cohabitation. The architects behind AMÁN have accomplished a delicate equilibrium between untouched natural beauty and architectural brilliance, offering an enchanting fusion of untamed wilderness and lavish comfort.

At A Glance: The Technical Specs That Set AMÁN Apart

AMÁN offers villas spanning 2335.77 square feet of construction, comfortably nestled within a footprint of 990.28 square feet. The total construction area amasses an impressive 16,447,255 square feet. Heights are generous, with a first-level height of 45.2 square feet (double height), a second-level height of 34.4 square feet, and an overall height of 116.25 square feet.

AMÁN's villas have modern electrical devices, including water heaters and kitchen appliances. Additionally, they incorporate a hydraulic installation with a well, and a water treatment plant into a water tank, ensuring a fresh and safe water supply for the residents.

The luxury extends to the material finishes, with external doors and kitchen cabinetry crafted from the exquisite Tzalam wood, a locally sourced hardwood renowned for its durability and beautiful grain. A granite deck graces the kitchen, while the inviting Jacuzzi and the traditional Mayan Chukum finishes add a touch of elegance and authenticity.

And, of course, parking is plentiful. Each villa has access to a communal parking area with six unassigned spaces, ensuring convenient access for residents and guests.

An Intimate Glimpse into AMÁN's Villas

Each AMÁN villa embodies a seamless design, with 2-3 bedrooms and 2-4 bathrooms spread out over a cozy 252 m2 (2,712 sqft) or less. Positioned in the heart of Tulum's vibrant Region 15, these villas offer an all-access pass to the region's many charms while providing the tranquility and privacy that discerning homeowners seek.

AMÁN doesn't just offer a home—it offers an immersive living experience, a chance to partake in Tulum's rich tapestry, cradled in the lap of luxury and the wisdom of the Mayan culture. For those who dare to delve deeper, to truly live rather than merely exist, AMÁN awaits with open doors.

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