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101 Park: A Masterpiece of Conscious Luxury & Green Living

Dive into a world where luxury meets sustainability at 101 Park. With every detail consciously designed to create an exceptional living space, our development redefines modern living, catering to individuals who desire the extraordinary.

Picture a lush, natural haven where 3-meter tall trees outline your living space, offering picturesque views from your balcony. At 101 Park, we've taken utmost care to preserve the stunning beauty of Tulum, Mexico, our vibrant, natural pathways connecting you to every corner of the property.

Inspired by the seven energy points or chakras, our interior yard is designed to promote a balanced energy flow. It's not just a residence, but a transformative journey that nurtures the soul, ignites the spirit, and enhances overall well-being.

Complementing the vibrant natural aura is our advanced integration of technology. From the innovative Smart Flower, a photovoltaic system mimicking a flower's movement to capture solar energy effectively, to Smarthome technology that adds an extra layer of convenience to your everyday living, we've seamlessly woven nature and tech together.

Electric vehicle owners will appreciate our Tesla® Destination Charging, allowing you to refuel with clean solar energy. In a nod to the future, we're exploring the EHANG 216, an autonomous passenger-grade drone that symbolizes our commitment to pushing boundaries.

Our homes are more than just structures; they're living, breathing entities attuned to your needs. With Phase 1 already sold out and Phase 2 now on sale, now's your chance to claim your piece of this exquisite development. Amenities include everything from a refreshing Cenote and observation deck to a fully-equipped gym and tranquil spa.

Join us at 101 Park and embrace a lifestyle that blends exceptional luxury, conscious design, and pioneering technology for an unforgettable living experience.

Note: Artist's conceptual renderings are subject to change, and all dimensions are approximate. Please get in touch with our sales team for exact details, terms, and conditions.

Claim your sanctuary in the heart of Tulum. Phase 2 - On Sale Now.

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